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Mirror Finish Silver Sheet Project – A Success Story

During the past few years, Materion’s team in Albuquerque, NM has been working diligently to improve the quality of its 6”x36” jewelry grade sterling sheet.  To accomplish this goal, the R&D staff headed by George Wityak began with a clean slate and the objective of offering the best product in the jewelry industry.

During this process, Materion developed a smarter solution and is now able to offer several different surface finish qualities that address separate industry segments, While using virtually the same process, the final step determines which product is delivered.  The team also created a significantly simpler process to improve sheet quality at a lower cost.

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Throughout development, Materion’s team collaborated closely with their largest jewelry customers, involving them in critical decisions as work progressed. This resulted in stronger customer relationships, two new qualified products, and increased business – with the opportunity for additional income. 

The following comments from one customer sum up Materion’s excitement at the accomplishments  they have achieved.

“We have decided to call this Photo Etch Quality, you will be seeing orders soon…you guys have worked really hard on this and have done an awesome job!  We are excited to offer this product to all of our customers and very happy to partner with Materion to make it happen. KUDOS ALL AROUND!”   Becky S. - Supply Manager

Success stories like this make Materion their “customer’s first choice” for jewelry materials and other products.  Given the importance of 6”x36” sterling sheet to the jewelry industry, Materion expects significant revenue growth in 2012 for both itself and its customers!