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Learn About Our Non-Magnetic Combo Lids

 The packaging industry required a more robust metal material which could perform like Materion’s regular Combo Lid while at the same time being nonmagnetic. So, we developed a number of options customers could select to suit their packaging applications.

Why Nonmagnetic is Necessary

There are a number of reasons that customers need nonmagnetic properties in lids.  A primary one is that magnetic properties can create noise during electronic signal processing. Also, components within a package are in communication with other devices, and the magnetic field from the metal cover could interfere with the signals. To avoid the signal losses or interference, nonmagnetic material is necessary to replace the current composition of the Combo LidTM which is made up of iron (Fe) and nickel (Ni)- based alloy.

Nonmagnetic Lid Options

To meet the demand for an alternative, we developed a number of nonmagnetic lids for a broad range of applications. The problem was to metallize the nonmagnetic lid with suitable metals that are also nonmagnetic - and yet solderable with gold-tin alloy. We were able to meet the challenge and now offer various options.

  • Al2O3 or ceramic lid with gold-tin preform attached
  • Molybdenum-based combo lid gold-tin preform attached
  • Beryllium-Copper combo lid with gold-tin preform attached
  • Copper and Tungsten-based alloy with gold-tin preform attached
  • Bronze alloy with gold-tin preform attached.

Ceramic Combo LidsTM

 Materion ceramic combo lids are newly incorporated into our packaging family. Ceramic is a non-metal and is classified as nonmagnetic in its purest form. However, the challenge is to metallize the ceramic in order to accept solder preforms necessary to provide hermetic seal performance.  Materion succeeded in meeting this requirement.

Materion Hermetic Lid Offerings

We have been the leading supplier of hermetic cover lids for high reliability applications in semi- conductor, hybrid, MEMs, medical and optical devices. Over the years we have developed custom hermetic solutions and products in collaboration with our customers’ packaging requirements. Among these are: 

  • Combo LidTM - Nickel + Gold-plated metal lid with gold-tin alloy attached for hermetic seal application
  • Seam Seal Lid - Nickel and/or gold-plated lid with or without gold-tin alloy for hermetic seal application
  • Micro Lid – Tiny-sized lid with gold-tin cladded preform
  • Nozzle Lid - Similar to Combo LidTM with a nozzle extended for pressure related applications
  • Selectively Plated Combo Lid - Special types of applications and s metal related packaging materials

If your microelectronics application calls for nonmagnetic packaging, Materion can partner with you for a customized hermetic solutions.  If you have questions about our family of Lids, please contact: Technical support: