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RESTARTTM Program Expanded

In managing your specialty metals, achieving a lower cost of ownership is a desirable goal. Materion Advanced Materials Group's RESTARTTM Program will help you do just that - by rethinking spent target disposal and employing novel recycling technologies.  In addition to Tantalum, we are now processing Chromium, Nickel and other high use metal alloys.  

What is Materion RESTARTTM

RESTARTTM stands for “Rare Element Supply Tactics & Resource Transformations.” It seeks to capture end-of-life, high purity metals for reuse while maintaining their purity and quality.  By recycling sputtering target scrap streams, it preserves the industry’s limited resources and reduces supply constraints.

Key Advantages Nickel

Qualified customers who participate in RESTART™ obtain a number of advantages. The three core goals of the program are:

  • REWARD  – Lower cost of ownership for our customers
  • RECYCLE – Reuse of valuable raw materials
  • REPLENISH – Preservation of high purity materials within the vacuum deposition industry

In addition, a company that follows this approach demonstrates their public commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Raw Material Costs RisingChromium

There are a number of components that contribute to the escalation of raw material prices for specialty metals. Among them are: government regulations, increased demand for limited material supply, and poor metals cycle management.  For example, over the last ten years High Purity Nickel has fluctuated in price by over 100% and has seen its share of supply shortages. Chromium, which comes largely from Asia at this time, is subject to restrictions from China that affect the supply.  

RESTARTTM can mitigate the impact of some of these factors by reusing/recycling specialty materials. For example, if spent sputtering targets and evaporation materials are sold off to adjacent industries, the valuable metal resources are “lost” to our industry. RESTARTTM maintains the supply and preserves our precious resources! 

More Information on RESTARTTM

As you address end-of-cycle with your sputtering targets, consider Materion's RESTARTTM program to help rethink spent target disposal; recycle valuable materials; and replenish industry metal supply. For more information on RESTARTTM, contact John Kuphal, PVD Product Specialist,