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Shield Kit Cleaning Services – Materion Microelectronics and Services

Materion Microelectronics & Services now offers complete shield-cleaning services to our customers for precious and non-precious metal cleaning. Shield-cleaning services include optional post cleaning surface treatment and clean room parts packaging. We continue to lead the industry in precious metal recovery yields, thereby maximizing customer dollar returns. Materion

Materion's ability to meet specific customer requirements has made us the preferred shield cleaning service provider to the wireless, photonics, data storage, and semiconductor industries. In support of the ever-increasing demand for shield kit surface treatment options, We now offer thermal spray coatings for shield kit parts. Thermal spray coatings are produced from either wire or powder materials that are melted into droplets and propelled onto the surface of a selected substrate material. Upon impact, they form platelets that bond to the surface of the substrate, creating a dense, protective coating with no alteration to the substrate itself.

Coatings and Substrates

The combinations of coatings and substrates allow designers and engineers to produce products with enhanced surface properties not inherent in the original material. Thermal spray coatings are applied by many processes, including HVOF, plasma and twin wire electric arc; and are frequently used in the aerospace, printing, steel, electrical and semi-conductor industries. Twin wire arc spray (TWAS), also called electric wire arc spray, is frequently used to produce coatings in the electrical and semi conductor industries. The TWAS process uses metal in a wire form. The process differs from other thermal spray processes in that there are no external heat sources as in the combustion gas/flame spray processes. Heating and melting occur when two electrically opposed charged wires, comprising the spray material, are fed together in such a manner that a controlled arc occurs at intersection. The molten metal is atomized and propelled onto the prepared substrate by jets of compressed air or gas.

Materion offers the additional option of clean room packaging (class 1000) to allow cleaned parts to arrive at the customer site ready for direct installation into process equipment. This packaging includes vacuum sealing parts in clean-room compatible packaging materials, with optional inert background gas. Our staff at Materion Microelectronics & Services can also help with shipping crate design recommendations, to reduce the possibility of parts damage during shipping. At Materion , we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements, and offer new services/solutions in support of future technology. Learn how we can help your company by contacting Materion Microelectronics & Services