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Silver Wire

How We Streamline Wire and Strip Manufacturing

Customers will benefit from the consolidation of Materion’s strip and wire manufacturing at its Wheatfield, NY facility.  While this location previously supported Albuquerque, New Mexico’s production of industrial products for over 15 years, it will now assume full manufacturing responsibility.  Capabilities include the manufacture of braze, pure metal strip and wire along with atomized powder. 

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality products with shorter lead times, a dynamic floor plan with work cells was developed. This allows operators to manufacture product in the most efficient and safe manner using streamlined processes and equipment upgraded/refurbished equipment.

Another advantage of the compressed manufacturing footprint in Wheatfield is that it allows Materion to more effectively utilize our metal resources.  By controlling metal inventory at a level that maximizes productivity, we can reduce costs associated with precious metal production and fewer transports to the facility.

Materion's Industrial Product Line

To support Materion’s diverse customer base, the industrial product line includes a variety of forms including strip and wire, sheets, rods, grain, braze, and solder. These are primarily used in the braze industry, along with electrical contacts, automotive, refrigeration, medical and general construction.  Our portfolio is comprised of platinum, platinum iridium, platinum tungsten, platinum copper, BAg (Brazing Silver) alloys and Trimet alloys and powder.

Materion’s dedicated R&D dept. and experienced engineers understand the critical end uses of industrial products. We would like to partner with you and support your company’s growth and development plans. For more information, click on wire and strip product offerings or contact Product Specialist Tom deGuehery at: