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Technology Roadmaps – Vision Into Value

In today’s fast paced business environment understanding your vision is essential to success.  Technology roadmaps are effective tools to provide the direction to take a concept or idea to market: from vision to value.  The idea has existed for some time, with the basic principles being applied to foundational science, strategic business to foreign policy.  Essential elements include goals, scope and a firm concept of what constitutes success.

At Materion, technology roadmaps have been effectively developed and deployed in new product development for years.  Valuable input from the sales and marketing teams on product trends, market trajectory and customer sentiment help the Materion development team define the vision necessary to start, maintain and complete these roadmaps.

The development team at Materion has become experts in answering questions such as: How to meet the customers’ needs in a safe, cost-effective manner? How can we be first to market? Do we have the capacity to meet anticipated market demand now? Tomorrow? Next year? What is the ROI to the company and its shareholders? In essence, how do we turn the vision into the value?

Materion would like to work with your company not only as your global supplier but also as your technology partner to help create your technology roadmaps and turn your vision into value.