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Xtended™ Life Target Designs

In an effort to stay ahead of both the technology and pricing curves, at Materion Microelectronics & Services we maintain our leadership position repeatedly by offering advanced technology solutions. For lower cost per disc manufacturing, we first revolutionized the selection of target materials. This resulted in the Sil™ family of alloys, the industry’s first patent free Silver (Ag) alloys for DVD applications. Now, our engineers have modified the topography of standard targets to produce another significant savings opportunity for our customers.

At Materion Microelectronics & Services, we now offer a wide variety of Xtended™ Life Target Designs that continue to lower the overall cost per disc for our customers to a point that until recently was thought impossible.

What Does Xtended™ Life Really Mean? Simply put, it is defined as follows:            

  • Lowest Possible Cost Per Disc             
  • Increased System Uptime            
  • Fewer Target Changes             
  • Decreased Refining/Recycling Charges             
  • Reduced Precious Metal Inventory             
  • Fewer Target Changes             
  • Reduced Shipping Charges            
  • Lower Overall Maintenance Costs

Xtended™ Life Target Designs have an established track record with proven performance at major replicators. Customers can expect between 20-250% increase in target life that translates into huge repeatable savings to your bottom line. Target designs are available immediately in a variety of configurations and all material formats, including Ag alloy and silicon. These designs are unique and proprietary and all have patents-pending.

Materion Microelectronics & Services has achieved its industry position by providing a level of quality and service that is unmatched and unprecedented. You will not find any license fees associated with our products or the customary 4-6 week delivery schedules.  

Customer Commitment

Materion Microelectronics & Services helps its customers achieve the lowest possible cost of ownership and continues to be devoted to delivering a value package that exceeds market expectations. Contact Materion Microelectronics and Services for more information and to inquire about a free qualification target.