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Optical Innovation News Archive - 2013 to 2014


  1. Web Page Bandpass Linear Variable Filters

    Materion offers cutting edge solutions for true bandpass type linear variable filters (LVF) primarily used in life sciences applications.

  2. Web Page Cassini Spacecraft Still Operating

    Materion provided the filter arrays for the VIMS instrument on Cassini spacecraft.

  3. Web Page Dust-Free Solution for Image Projection

    Materion develops Hall Sensor Color Wheel.

  4. Web Page EIS Optics Officially Materion Precision Optics

    Our Shanghai facility completes its name transition.

  5. Web Page Engineered Thin Films

    Materion’s ETF enable innovative new technologies by providing nearly limitless material coating options.

  6. Web Page Evolution In Projection

    Materion at forefront of technology trends in projection display market.

  7. Web Page Evolution of Coating Processes

    Incorporating optical coatings at the wafer-level stage was inspired by semiconductor manufacturing processes. Materion typically coats wafers up to 200 mm.

  8. PDF icon Evolution of Coating Processes-Technical Paper

    Incorporating optical coatings at the wafer-level stage was inspired by semiconductor manufacturing practices. Materion is similarly patterning its processes.

  9. Web Page Filter Micro-Assembly Taken to a New Level

    Materion develops 137-element multi-spectral filter micro-array.

  10. Web Page Gaia - A Success Story

    Materion produced the coatings for the precision optical filter for the Gaia Mission.

  11. Web Page Gesture Recognition Technology and Precision Optical Filters

    Materion optical filters contribute to gesture recognition technology.

  12. Web Page Hubble Celebrates Silver Anniversary

    Materion Has Long History of Hubble Telescope Support

  13. Web Page High Value Coatings - Materion as Technology Leader

    We provide a broad range of innovative solutions for thin film coating needs.

  14. Web Page Hubble Confirms Furthest Supernova

    Materion bandpass filters have role.

  15. Web Page IR Detection and Sensing

    The impact of Materion’s wafer level packaging on the market.

  16. Web Page Infrared Filters Growing Market

    Materion boosts production capacity to meet increased demand for infrared (IR) filters.

  17. Web Page Landsat & MODIS Pinpoint Coldest Spot on Earth

    Satellite carries Materion filter arrays on mission to measure temperatures.

  18. Web Page Innovative Phosphor Wheel Will Improve Performance

    Materion is developing an advanced phosphor wheel that targets high power laser and hybrid projectors.

  19. Web Page Large Area Coater Up and Running

    Materion’s state-of-the-art Lage Optics Coating Facility in Westford, MA is now operational.

  20. Web Page Large Area Optics Lab Fully Operational

    Materion’s new laboratory is complete and undertaking astronomy projects in five countries

  21. Web Page Low Defect Wafer Level Coatings

    Materion establishes extraordinary defect control in our coating deposition processes.

  22. Web Page Meet Bill Christopoulos

    Director of Commercial business at Materion Precision Optics, responsible for technological development and market growth.

  23. Web Page Major Issues for Gas Detector Manufacturers

    Our optical filter design assists with carbon dioxide, methane and other gas detection.

  24. Web Page Meet Materion David Harrison

    David Harrison focuses on connecting customers in the CMOS image sensor community with Materion technology and capabilities.

  25. Web Page Materion Nominated for NASA Group Achievement Award

    Materion Westford, MA Facility’s Work on Mars Rover (Curiosity) leads to nomination.

  26. Web Page Meet Materion Jason Ridley

    Materion introduces staff engineer Jason Ridley of the Wesford, MA facility.

  27. Web Page Meet Materion Bob Sprague

    Director of Materion’s Rapid Development Center specializes in optical thin films.

  28. Web Page Meet Materion Michael Newell

    Learn more about Materion Precision Optics Vice President of Marketing & Sales.

  29. Web Page Meet Materion Mike Tatarek

    Meet Director of Technology at Materion Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings, Mike Tatarek.

  30. Web Page More Than Optical Thin Films!

    Materion offers a broad scope of engineered films.

  31. Web Page Meet Materion Patrick Flaherty

    Design Engineering Manager has been with Materion almost twenty years.

  32. Web Page Meet Materion Tom Mooney

    Introducing our Product Engineering Manager for Space and Astronomy.

  33. Web Page Message from Materion Management

    Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings introduces a new quarterly newsletter.

  34. Web Page NASA Hands Off Next Generation Landsat 8

    Mission to observe earth from orbit includes instruments that carry Materion filter arrays.

  35. Web Page Olympic Materion Connection

    Employee’s Son Member of Team USA.

  36. Web Page NASA Launches Landsat Spacecraft

    Materion produces filter arrays for the Landsat and multiple space, science & astronomy missions.

  37. Web Page New Director of Materion Global Sales

    Stuart Lawson to head new global sales organization encompassing US, Asia and Europe.

  38. Web Page New Generation LumiWheel

    Materion new design raises efficiency and overall brightness of image projection.

  39. Web Page New Wafer Level Cell to Increase Capacity

    Materion Construction of new wafer level cell facility nears completion.

  40. Web Page New Wafer Level Coating Cell

    MManufacture and testing for extremely large optical fitlers enhanced.

  41. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 1 Issue 1 Feb 2013

    This premier issue of Materion's newsletter "Optical Innovations News" includes articles on Materion filter arrays used by NASA, wafer level packaging technology, gesture recognition and more.

  42. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 1 Issue 2 May 2013

    This issue covers a range of topics of interest to the precision optics and thin film coating industry including updates on the Materion large area coater, new global sales director, new wafer level coating cell and latest generation LumiWheelTM.

  43. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 1 Issue 3 Aug 2013

    Materion's quarterly technical newsletter covering topics of interest to the thin film coatings and precision optics industries.

  44. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 1 Issue 4 Nov 2013

    This issue of Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings newsletter covers topics ranging from the fully operational large area optics lab to a new color wheel, 3D patterning tool, rugate filters and more.

  45. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 2 Issue 1 Feb 2014

    In this issue of Precision Optics' newsletter, read about Materion products on Mars and other space missions. Also, technical articles on optical interference filters, a new dichroic polarized filter and low temperature sputtered coatings for plastics.

  46. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 2 Issue 2 May 2014

    A technical quarterly newsletter from Materion covering topics related to precision optics and thin film coatings.

  47. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 2 Issue 3 Aug 2014

    This issue of the newsletter covers a range of topics including very large narrow bandpass filters, IR detection and sensing, projection display evolution, engineered thin films and more.

  48. Web Page Parallelogram Filter Array - Patent Pending

    Materion’s new innovative micro-array technology design provides higher quality imagery.

  49. Web Page Pushing the Envelope - Wafer Level Packaging Technology

    Materion exceeds requirements for coating silicon with IR wafer level packaging

  50. Web Page Rugged Rugate Filters

    Materion fabricates filters in a wide range of materials.

  51. Web Page Satellite Launches Carry Specialized Materion Optics

    Satellite launches carry Materion specialized optics.

  52. Web Page Shanghai Facility Excels with Low Defect Wafer Coatings

    The projection display and imaging sensing industries require high volume advanced wafer level optical packaging and low defect wafer level coatings.

  53. Web Page State of the Art Patterning

    Materion Uses Custom 3D Tool to Maximize Patterning Capability

  54. Web Page Thin Film Coatings on Flexible Substrates

    Materion Large Area Coatings in Windsor, CT provides key functional components for applications in the medical and display industries.

  55. Web Page Vietnam Launches 1st Earth Observation Satellite

    Materion provides multispectral filter arrays for mission.