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Bandpass Linear Variable Filters

Linear Variable Filters

As a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge linear variable filters for over 15 years, Materion has the experience and technology to address the growing need for more complex filters. LVF’s have been available in short-pass and long-pass configurations for many years.  Recently, there has been an increased demand for true, cut-on/cut-off band pass linear variable filters for a number of applications.  The continuous wavelength monitoring capability of these filters offers improved capability and enhanced performance in areas such as air pollution instruments, monochromators, remote sensing, earth imaging, threat warning systems and more.

Materion has been developing bandpass linear variable filters for a number of years.  Recent process improvements allow us to achieve bandwidths of 5-10% full-width-at-half-maximum (FWHM) of < 1.5%. As an example, our current capability allows us to achieve a wavelength range of 400nm to 1000nm with a linear dispersion of 10nm/mm and a deviation from linearity of +/- 5%.  We have an active program to continue improving on this capability.

Materion’s ongoing developments underscore our commitment to meeting our customers’ increasing technology demands in continuous wavelength monitoring.  If you are interested in additional details on any of our LVF products or our other developing technologies, please contact David Harrison, Business Development Manager, Space, Science & Astronomy at: