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Filter Micro-Assembly Taken to a New Level

Filter Micro AssemblyWith the successful design and construction of a 137-element multi-spectral filter micro-array, Materion Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings continues to push its innovative capabilities in the micro-assembly of discrete filters.  Each element of the 137-element array is a high precision thin film filter that is only 0.072 millimeters wide and approximately 200 microns thick.

In addition, Materion, a developer and manufacturer of filter arrays for over 25 years, is designing a new Enhanced Multispectral Filter Array. This unique array will be composed of individual elements precision-diced, assembled and designed to match the light angle of incidence of the optical system, thus reducing/eliminating stray light. The individual filter elements can be as narrow as 0.020mm.

A key driver behind Materion’s development of filter arrays is the desire to reduce mass, power and volume in multi-spectral sensors. This was achieved by eliminating the filter wheel or many discrete filters. The main advantage of the new micro-array technology is the increased number of spectral bands. This allows for accommodation in a smaller volume and compatibility with higher resolution (smaller pixels) detector arrays.

Our advanced micro-arrays can be designed and built for use with any focal plane array detector from ultraviolet to long wave infrared wavelength ranges. Potential applications range from commercial colorimetry to space-based multi-spectral imaging. The newly developed micro-arrays will provide a very rugged, high-performance alternative to linear variable filters or diffraction gratings. In addition to the micro-arrays, Materion also produces high precision multispectral patterned filter arrays.

Materion Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings, is composed of the former Barr Associates, Inc.,  Thin Film Technology, Inc. and EIS Optics, and has a heritage back to 1971 as one of the largest designers and manufacturers of precision thin film coatings and optical filters. Based in Westford, Massachusetts,  it deploys coating technologies from below 200nm to 40 microns and manufacturing capacities from small prototype jobs to large-volume production to service leading companies and innovators across diverse markets. For inquiries please call (978) 392-3856 or email to: