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Gesture Recognition and Precision Optical Filters

Gesture RecognitionGesture Recognition, sometimes referred to as Gesture Control, is an exciting new technology that enables human gestures to be interpreted by machines through the use of mathematical algorithms.  This technology was popularized by the Kinect sensor device launched in November 2010 as an accessory to the Xbox 360 Gaming system. It enabled the user to interact with the gaming system without the need for a mechanical controller.  This device was extraordinarily popular, and sold eight million units within the first 60 days of its launching, making it the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history.  

While gesture recognition technology is primarily used today for the conversion of human gestures to electronic commands for gaming, there is a multitude of challenging applications under development that will change how we interact with everyday products. This technology is rapidly expanding and is expected to proliferate in industries with broad consumer impact, including health/lifestyle, television, computer interfaces, advertising, display systems, security and even automobile cabin controls.                                                                                                                                           

In order for these gesture sensing devices to function properly, they must maintain a very high signal to noise ratio.  This requires a precision optical filter that removes much of the ambient light, while maintaining a high transmission level for the light source over a large angle range.  Materion Barr Precision Optics and Thin Film Coatings has developed both the materials and manufacturing expertise critical to producing these types of optical filters in very high volume. The filters are custom-manufactured to meet application-specific requirements for accurate and affordable gesture recognition systems. Materion continues to deliver innovative solutions to meet the latest technology challenges. 1 Source:

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                                                                                                    Examples of Applications for Gesture Sensing:

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