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Silver Coating on Substrate

High Value Coating Services in Westford

Choice is our high value coatings (“HVC”) services offered by our Westford, MA facility. At this location, our skilled HVC team coats custom optics that have a “high value” to our customers.  In determining “value,” the cost of the substrate material, the optic’s geometric complexity, the man-hours invested in substrate characterization and other factors are taken into consideration.  Under “high value” circumstances, it is preferred by Materion to take a more cautious approach to ensure optimal coating, rather than use common practices employed by high volume manufacturing vendors.

With our emphasis on quality performance coatings that deliver ultimate spectral performance, it is not surprising that Materion has been heavily involved in providing HVC services to the Defense & Space markets, and has earned a strong base of repeat customers, as well as a strong industry reputation, through years of manufacturing excellence.  We have coated optics for high visibility programs with technically complex applications that rely on thin film technology to protect sensitive optical elements in: laser systems, surveillance/reconnaissance, FLIR systems, lasercom, space-based imaging and reflective astronomy. 

The expertise of our professional staff and unmatched heritage of technological innovation is reflected in our impressive toolbox of capabilities that include:

  • Coatings on special materials like Be, SiC, Al, CaF2, deformable substrates, etc.
  • Very low stress dielectric and metallic coatings
  • High coating run yields
  • Highly durable Au and Ag coatings
  • Low temperature processing
  • Unique fixture solutions for complex jobs
  • Low ppm coatings for laser applications
  • Very high reflectance (> 99.98%) coatings
  • Coatings on large and curved substrates

When it has to be done right the first time, Materion is the go-to supplier for high performance optical coatings. For more information on HVC, contact: