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Phosphor Wheel

Phosphor Wheel Innovation

Materion is developing an advanced phosphor wheel that will improve projector emission performance. The innovative product is designed for use in high power laser, hybrid or high power solid state illumination applications. The phosphor wheel will be more efficient in converting laser power to visible light in a high temperature working environment. Our unique technology combines material deposition and coating toward greater effectiveness. The new deposition material will reduce light loss when converting laser power to visual light and achieve better brightness in high power laser illumination. The coating will enhance the thermal conduction performance and color performance.

Materion is the world’s largest manufacturer of optical components. It is planned that the cutting-edge phosphor wheel will go into mass production early in 2015 and join our array of products that support customers’ light management requirements. The phosphor wheel can be used with high laser power ( >80w) and survive above temperature of 200  degree C. It can be utilized for a transmission system or a reflective system and comes in a ring shape or segmental shape.

The phosphor wheel, with its innovative material and structure, will allow high power laser projectors to achieve better illumination with proven reliability. The wheel will be available in both green and yellow and it will be feasible to add a dichroic feature to achieve a particular color design and light path in the projector.

If you have questions about Materion’s phosphor wheel, please contact Stuart Lawson, Director of Global Sales: