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Low Defect Wafer

Low Defect Wafer Level Coatings Technical Overview

As the industry leader for thin film coatings, we understand the need for state-of-the-art quality and have established extraordinary defect control in our processes. Whether your application is gaming, Infrared (IR) sensing, remote control, projection display, automotive, medical, instruments, or MEMs/LCoS/CCD/CMOS, we can partner with you for smarter solutions.

Cover Glass

A key factor in defining the quality of the end product is the superiority of the device’s low defect coatings. Meeting tight restrictions for defects in size and density is critical in devices where cover glass is located very close to the focal plane, such as in silicon-based sensors and LCOS microdisplays. The cover glasses consist of clean surfaces with the addition of functional coatings such as Antireflective (AR), NIR blocking filters, index matched ITO and, in some cases, chrome apertures.  Materion offers a broad range of coatings and can design to your specific coating requirements.

Multiple Coating Advantages

There are benefits in using Materion coatings, depending on your wafer level application. 

Infrared Cut-Off Filters
For wafer level optics and image sensor/ambient light sensors, advantages include:Low Defect Wafer level Coating

  • Good spectrum uniformity
  • Low warpage
  • High environmental & temperature stability
  • Sizes available up to 8 inch wafer or part

Antireflective Coatings
AR coatings can be applied for wafer level optics and MEMS with these advantages:

  • Defect size can reach below 20 um
  • Wafer sizes up to 8 inch wafers (200 mm)
  • Bonding to other wafers available
  • Multiple patterning techniques employed
  • Eutectic solder coatings and epoxy bonding

IMITO Coatings
For LCoS applications, IMITO coatings provide these advantages:

  • Defects below 20 um
  • Wafer sizes up to 8 inch wafer (200 mm) or small chips
  • Lowest reflectance of IMITO/Polyimide/Liquid Crystal stack
  • Lower resistance with high transmittance
  • Patterned aperture structures for aperture & alignment available on request

As the industry go-to supplier for high quality thin film coatings, Materion can design, manufacture and service your wafer level coatings whatever your application. For more information, contact Zhifeng Hu, Product Manager, email: