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Meet Materion: David Harrison

David Harrison is Business Development Manager Image & Sensing at Materion Precision Optics.  Dave’s focus is on connecting Materion technology and capabilities to new customers in the CMOS image sensor community, as well as within the space-based remote sensing and earth observation communities. 

In October, Dave will be celebrating his silver anniversary with the company and had this to say: “I truly enjoy coming to work every day at Materion. The mix of cutting edge technology, great people and interesting products keeps a creative guy such as myself fully engaged. Whether working on optics for a space satellite, a camera headed to Mars or the latest mobile platform, the work is incredibly rewarding.”

While officially located at the Westford, MA facility, Dave travels extensively and conducts business development across the globe in the US, Europe and Asia.  He reports to Michael Zasowski, Sr. Director of Marketing & Business Development. Dave commented that he “loves being a part of the process of creating solutions for my customers and finding new opportunities for Materion.”
Dave’s background and experience gives him a unique perspective and understanding of the possibilities at Materion Precision Optics (formerly Barr Associates).  During his career, he served in a broad range of positions starting with coating technician. He progressed to process engineering where he was in charge of early IAD systems as well as a key contributor to the very first large optic (.5 meter) sputter system. It was developed to produce astronomy filters, some of which were used to search the skies for NEOs (near earth objects). 

After that, Dave moved into a program management role where he undertook such projects as JWST, MASTCAM, PROBA-V and Sentinel 2. Some of these efforts earned NASA achievement awards for the Materion team. Most recently (last five years), he has handled business development for both the Space, Science & Astronomy group as well as the new Imaging & Sensing products line (Westford and Shanghai).

Dave attended the University of Lowell in Massachusetts majoring in secondary education.  He currently resides in Chelmsford MA, and actually lives on the same street he grew up on! Four of his five children reside with him. Throughout the years, Dave has coached multiple kid’s sports teams from football to softball to basketball. He is currently head coach of his youngest daughter’s competitive travel softball team which just finished its 7th season by winning an open class tournament! When he can find time, Dave enjoys roller coasters, golf, the gym and viewing a good movie.