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Message from Materion Management

Robert NaranjoWelcome to our first edition of Optical Innovations News, Materion BARR Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings’ quarterly newsletter.  Our goal is to provide you a window into our business and share new product developments, technology enhancements, and innovative solutions for your challenges, big and small.  Along the way, we’ll introduce and share success stories of some of our key technology professionals who are responsible for driving the innovative process at Materion.

Many of you already know us as one of the world’s leading providers of highly complex, precision optical thin film coatings, optical filters and optical sub-assemblies. Our business spans the globe with markets and applications as diverse as terrestrial and space-based astronomy, high-energy lasers, night vision, environmental sensing, blood analysis, DNA sequencing, surveillance, targeting, gas & fire detection, commercial electronics, and many more. 
With our broad scope of products and services, we hope to feature newsletter topics that you find engaging and useful for your particular market. If you have any questions or something piques your interest, our global representatives will respond to your request if you provide contact information.  We look forward to communicating our message of “innovative solutions” as we strive to become our Customer’s First Choice.