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Engineered Thin Film Coating

More Than Optical Thin Films

While you may be familiar with Materion’s optical filters and coatings, you may be unaware that our expertise extends to non-optical thin films as well.  This is a unique capability, not found at most optical coating companies. Drawing on over 35 years of thin film deposition experience, we are able to provide custom, patterned or non-patterned, metallic and non-metallic thin film stacks for a variety of applications. We serve a variety of markets, including defense, medical and consumer electronics.

Precious Metal Advantage

As one of Materion Corporation’s diverse businesses, we have access to the Advanced Materials Group’s supply chain of precious metal sputtering targets and evaporation materials. They are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of these “high value” products. This provides us with an uncommon opportunity that no other company can touch. While others have to purchase these precious metal materials from outside vendors, we can formulate special compositions and source these materials in-house at significantly less cost to our customers.

Some examples of precious metal depositions that we can produce are: 

• Patterned, solderable metallization to facilitate hermetic sealing of optical and non-optical semiconductor devices (Cr-Ni-Au, Ti-Pt-Au, TiW-Ni-Au).
• AuSn eutectic solder deposition used for hermetic sealing
• Platinum group metals & alloys for X-ray windows
•  Au, Ag, Pt & Pd metal and alloy depositions for specialized applications

Addressing Your Technology Challenges

With over 120 coating chambers in operation worldwide, we have significant flexibility in the technology available to address your coating needs. Currently, we utilize several different technologies that include E-beam Evaporation, DC Sputtering and Magnetron Sputtering. We specialize in customizing chambers to fit the customer’s product requirements. This in turn allows us to scale equipment effectively to support large volume, ongoing production line requirements. Some unique capabilities that we offer include:

• Custom masking of substrates and devices
• 360o coating from a single coating cycle, used for cylinders, RF crystals and tubes
• Coatings on ALN, PZT and other ceramics
• Low temperature sputtering for polyimide and other plastics

The Materion Advantage

Our extensive experience in thin film development translates into “out-of-the-box” coating solutions whatever your application. Our in-house access to precious metal materials is another customer benefit. For more information regarding our Engineered Films capability, please contact Andrew Houde, Director Engineered Films Business at