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Landsat 8_Volcano Image

NASA Hands off Next Generation Landsat

NASA developed and successfully launched Landsat 8 in February 2013.  After completing the 3 ½ month commissioning activity, it has turned over control to the US Geological Survey.  The satellite begins a ten year observation mission of earth from an orbit 438 miles high - with an orbit completed every 98 minutes.  The whole Earth is imaged in 115 mile wide swaths.  It takes about 16 days and 224 orbits to cover the full Earth surface.  Images are taken using two instruments - OLI and TIRS – that carry Materion filter arrays. Data is available at:


Landsat 8 image showing the erupting Puluweh volcano in Indonesia. This visible wavelength iamge was taken with the OLI instrument. Photo Credit: NASA