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Lumi Wheel New GenerationNext Generation LumiWheelTM


As part of the solution to your total light management challenge, Materion introduces our second generation LumiWheel™ designed to streng then the color and quality performance of the latest model laser projectors.  Our new design consists of an enhanced multiple color phosphor wheel with added Cyan 

The LumiWheel is used for color splitting in field sequential light management for digital projection, video production, and photo imaging.  As a Materion product containing innovative components, it will be particularly suited for new generation projector applications such as laser or hybrid illumination. With its  upgraded construction, the LumiWheel  provides a stable high speed rotating wheel  that converts blue laser light to multiple visual wavelength light. It also improves yellow and red color phosphor efficiency which further contributes to the overall projection brightness. phosphor that raises efficiency as much as 20%. This version improves the blue color image quality to a comfortable visual tone by converting blue laser to cyan light mixed with blue laser light.

Our customers can expect our upgraded LumiWheel to deliver overall brightness with extended life and highly reliable performance for all their applications. For more information on LumiWheel or other Materion image projection products, please contact: