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Shanghai Excels with Low Defect Wafer Coatings

High volume, advanced wafer level optical packaging technology relies heavily on the quality of low defect wafer level optical coatings.  This type of packaging is used in many high volume applications that include mirco-mirror arrays, optical MEMS & LCoS micro-displays, ambient light sensing, and imaging sensors.

Materion Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings understands the need for state-of-the-art quality and has established extraordinary defect control in our facility located in Shanghai, China.  We produce high reliability glass wafers with low defect optical coatings for optimal performance.   Materion provides antireflective, IR-cut, opaque chrome or IMITO as low defect coatings on wafers that meet tight restrictions for defects in size and density.  We know this is critical in devices where cover glass is located very close to the focal plane. We are able to achieve these stringent specifications through dedicated equipment in our clean room environment and our extensive thin film coating capabilities.

There are many advantages offered by Materion’s coating technologies including: 

  • Higher yield
  • Wafer dicing after encapsulation for lower dye contamination
  • Excellent film stress control
  • Micro patterning
  • Lower edge per area ration for lower particle generation
  • Wafer sizes up to 8 inch wafers (200 mm)
  • Bonding to other wafers available
  • Wafers can be cingulated in-house if required
  • Multiple patterning techniques employed include AuSn eutectic solder coatings
  • Coatings for sealed bonding

With our long and established history as a leader in thin film technology, we offer unsurpassed expertise in offering low defect wafer level optical solutions to our customers.  For more information on WLP, please contact: