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Thin Film Coatings on Flexible Substrates

Blood Glucose Test StripMaterion Large Area Coatings (MLAC) in Windsor, CT provides key functional components for demanding applications in the medical and display industries. Our high performing, reliable and cost-effective flexible thin film coatings provide effective solutions. For example, each year MLAC helps millions of diabetics manage their disease by providing the electrode materials that ensure blood glucose test strips generate accurate results.

The Materion LAC Advantage – Significant Cost Savings

To support high-volume flexible thin film applications, MLAC uses large sputtering chambers that can accommodate rolls of material with widths up to 62 inches. During the sputtering process, the flexible substrate (typically polyester or polyimide) continuously moves through the deposition zone, allowing for 10,000+ square feet to be coated per cycle. Customers who are able to transition their application to a roll-to-roll manufacturing process will realize significant cost savings per unit area.

Materion LAC Custom Solutions

Our capabilities include a wide range of base materials and alloys, as well as reactive sputtering and the ability to deposit multiple materials in one pass. After sputtering, the large roll of coated film can be micro-slit to precise dimensions in one of our ISO Class 7 clean rooms. This is performed with very tight tolerances as the edge of the film is typically used as an edge guide for down-stream processing. Large Area Coater

In addition to our large sputtering chambers, MLAC has smaller chambers available. These are used
for proof-of-concept and to develop processes to meet electrical, optical, and/or environmental stability requirements before the customer’s product is scaled to one of our production machines.

“The MLAC Development team has years of experience creating application-specific solutions, very often new-to-world,” says Jim Snyder, Vice President of Business Development. “This group has participated in many long-term collaborative relationships assisting with multiple generations of our Customers’ products.” 

If you have a thin film coatings application in mind, we can partner with you for an optimal solution.  To learn more about Materion Large Area Coatings (link to website), contact Cindy Nutter, Inside Sales –