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Space, Science and Astronomy (SSA) Newsworthy Events:

Vietnam Launches First Earth Observation Satellite

NAOMI_VietnamViet Nam will launch its Earth Observation satellite,VNRED Sat-1A, in April on a VEGA vehicle from Arianespace’s French Guiana launch complex.  Aboard the vehicle will also be ESA’s PROBA-V environmental payload. Materion Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings provided the multispectral filter arrays for both missions. Materion’s customer for the VNRED filters was EADS Astrium Space (Toulouse). Over the last decade, they have also used Materion filters in a number of their NAOMI Earth Imaging instruments. PROBA-V is an ESA-supported, Belgium national environmental mission. Its instrument has three identical cameras to provide an exceptionally wide field of view with each camera fitted with a Materion multiband filter array.

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