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ArrayTec™ Technology Expands Filter Array Options

Materion Offers Unique Choices for Customers
Materion introduces our family of ArrayTec™ filter arrays in a range of designs to meet your individual needs.  Added to our current “Custom” design are the new “Standard” and “Select” categories, all high resolution imaging arrays used in space, multi-spectral defense and commercial applications. Each filter array construction offers distinct advantages as to customization, size, assembly, price and lead-time. They also provide cost effective options that make possible more non-space, commercial-type applications.

Meeting the Industry Challenge
The Aerospace and Defense industries are evolving and demanding more functionality in satellites along with reduced overall size.  In the past, custom filter arrays were only available for larger satellites that were built for multi-task configurations. That meant the only choice for smaller commercial satellites, due to size, prohibitive cost and lead time, was discrete, one wave length filters.
Materion developed ArrayTec filter arrays to address these challenges and expand the options available for smaller applications, .  By applying our 40 years of optical experience and advanced micro-dicing and micro-assembly technologies, we created our new line of filter arrays. They open the door for additional industries to take advantage of multi-spectral filters at a competitive cost and lead time.
Select an Optimal Filter Array
Customers now have the option to choose a unique filter array that best meets their own specific requirements whether for a commercial off-the-shelf “Standard” filter array, a semi-customized “Select” filter array or a fully “Custom” filter array. In selecting the best filter array for their application, criteria such as balancing better system performance with complexity, cost and lead time can be considered. This brochure compares features of the three filter array types.

Market Breakthrough
The innovative technology behind ArrayTec filter arrays allows for extreme reduction in stray light. This in turn, significantly improves the magnitude of the imaging – a huge benefit. Commercial applications of filter arrays include a diverse set of end-uses including everything from agricultural, Pico-satellites unmanned aerial vehicles, hand-held spectroscopy, multispectral sensing, mobile sensing applications and color matching.

For more information on ArrayTec filter arrays, contact Kevin Downing, Director of Marketing & Business Development, .