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Cassini Spacecraft – Still Taking Pictures!

Materion Filters OnBoard

After almost 20 years in orbit, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is still sending back spectacular images taken through Materion filters. Launched in October 1997, Cassini entered orbit around Saturn in July 2004 after a voyage that included flybys of Earth, Venus and Jupiter. The recent 2017 images of Saturn’s moon Daphnis were shot with a Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) with Materion filters. Daphnis is known as the wavemaker moon and was identified during one of Cassini’s ring-grazing passes over the outer edges of Saturn’s rings. Read more about Daphnis.

The Cassini mission is a cooperative project of NASA, ESA (the European Space Agency) and the Italian Space Agency. It also included a lander called the Huygens Probe. The two spacecrafts were named after astronomers Giovanni Cassini and Christiaan Huygens. Materion supplied filters for the Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (DISR) on Huygens which landed on Saturn’s largest moon Titan in 2005. Materion also manufactured filters for the Wide Angle Camera (WAC). Both NAC and WAC are part of the Imaging Subsystem (ISS) and the Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS).

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