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Materion Develops New Phosphor Component

Automotive headlights have seen many innovations over the years with LED-based headlights being a major step forward in terms of brightness and efficiency.  However, the next big development will deliver even higher efficiency and greater luminescence, allowing drivers to see even further.  Laser- based headlights will soon be an option on some higher-end vehicles like BMW and Audi.

Role of Phosphor Components  

Laser-based headlights do not use lasers for direct illumination.  Instead, lasers are used to activate a phosphorous material that creates the white light.  This light can be up to ten times the brightness of conventional light sources and can boost energy efficiency almost 30% over LEDs.

As a leading manufacturer of components for DLP based projection systems, Materion has considerable expertise in phosphor illumination.  Projection systems have been transitioning to phosphor passed illumination for the last several years. This shift has driven several innovative product development efforts for Materion including the Phosphor Wheel and the Opto-Ceramic Wheel.  

Laser-Based Automotive Headlamps

As a natural extension of this advancement in illumination, Materion has been actively developing a static phosphor solution for laser-based automotive adaptive headlamps.  Materion’s static phosphor components are extremely reliable as they are able to convert high laser light density while operating in a high temperature environment. This unique technology produces components that combine material deposition, coating and bonding solution for increased effectiveness. 

Our static phosphor components are rated greater then 12W with a laser spot of .5 to 1.5 square millimeters and can achieve efficiencies greater than 190 lumens per watt.  Samples are currently available and mass production is expected to begin in early 2017.

For more information about phosphor components or other Materion products, please contact: Vivian Zhang, Product Line Manager,