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Materion Offers New Nanogetters® Technology

Alternative Delivers Superior Vacuum Packaging

When using traditional non-evaporative getter technologies for the production of MEMS devices, there can be a problem with particles being generated in the package. These particles are undesirable and can shift in the package over time causing major issues such as electrical shorts and changes in resonant frequency. There is also a potential problem with stray gases trapped within device packaging and impacting performance.

Technical Advantages of NanoGetters® Technology

To counter such problems, Materion offers NanoGetters® Technology. This provides a superior alternative for vacuum packaging reliability. It uses proprietary materials and processes to eliminate the issue of stray gases within the packaging and since it is thin film-based, it is also particle free. Some benefits: 

  • Exhibits superior cleanliness
  • Wafer-level, high vacuum (<imtorr)> </imtorr)>
  • Longer-term vacuum stability
  • High yield
  • Can be deposited on variety o substrates
  • Resists oxidation at room temperature

One-Stop Solution for Wafer Level Packaging

In addition to the technical advantages of NanoGetters® Technology, Materion can now provide optical coatings, solderable metallization and getter technology all under one roof. This turnkey solution for the manufacture of cap wafers for wafer level packaging (WLP) of optical sensing devices is unavailable elsewhere in the market place. Advantages to customers include: 

  • Efficiencies from working with a single source provider
  • Cost-effective
  • Simplified supply chain
  • Reduced lead times
  • Technical staff support for design assistance


Turnkey Solution for WLP Lid Wafers


Applications for NanoGetters®

This technology has a broad range of applications wherever it is critical that electronic devices need reliable vacuum packaging free of particles.

  • Optical devices
  • IR sensors
  • Chemical sensors
  • Microfluidic devices
  • Accelerometers, gyroscopes
  • Pressure & flow sensors
  • Density meters
  • Resonators
  • Vacuum Displays

Materion Assistance

Find out more about NanoGetters® technology and how the turnkey process can provide a cost-effective and more convenient solution for your application. Contact Bill Christopoulos, Director of Commercial Business.