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Dichroic filter

New Polorized Dichroic Filters for Image Projection

Materion has developed a new polarized dichroic filter that improves brightness performance and creates a compact light path design in laser projectors.  The polarized dichroic filters consist of an optimized coating design that focuses blue laser light sources and has very steep cut-on and cut-off slopes.  The design is perfect for splitting the light of blue channel from that of green and red channels, thus achieving excellent transmittance. It accomplishes this while minimizing the wavelength shift and transmittance decay at multiple angles.

The challenge for this filter, especially for blue channel transmittance, is to minimize the shift of the spectrum and transmittance decay at a big light cone, typically covering 45+/- 5 degree angle-of-incidence. Materion’s filter coating spectrum and its actual performance can satisfy the wide angle cone requirements.  It can also enhance the blue channel performance by maximizing the utilization of the blue light source.  This provides the system designer a solution for both efficient optical performance and compact structure.

Materion produces multiple interference filters that increase high spectral performance. For more information on the new polarized dichroic filter or other accurate color filters, please contact: