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Rapid R&D Prototyping with Materion ProIR™ Filters

In Stock Filters Offer Optimal Spectral Performance

As the Infrared sensing market continues to expand into numerous applications, there is an industry demand for superior quality optical filters that will yield optimal performance. To support these evolving uses, that include consumer electronics and smart home applications, Materion Precision Optics is introducing a new line of ProIR™ filters. The filters will be offered in a broad range of wave lengths to meet individual customer needs. Because ProIR filters are available “off-the-shelf,” they allow for rapid prototyping and cost-effective experimentation.

Available in Range of Wavelengths

Customers will now have the option to select from in-stock ProIR filters in wavelengths from the mid-wave through long-wave IR (see table below). These filters deliver superior coating durability and spectral performance when coupled to a detector. As another available option, if the customer has specific requirements that cannot be met using stock materials, Materion can also provide customized design solutions.

ProIR Filters in Stock

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