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Wafer Level Packaging

Materion’s Enhanced Metal Deposition Services

The demand for wafer level packaging (WLP) technology is becoming increasingly more important in order to address the needs of the commercial market.  Driven primarily by mobile applications, there is a greater demand for small form factors and lower costs. As wafer level packaging (WLP) continues to mature, Materion Precision Optics has kept pace with the challenging technological demands of WLP technology.  

Materion is a leader in the deposition of thin film coatings on the most challenging of wafers with complex topographies. To meet stringent cleanliness requirements, wafers are manufactured in a state-of-the art Class 1000 clean room.  As there is no standard WLP wafer in the industry, each die on the wafer typically presents a unique set of challenges for Materion to solve.  These can include: the substrate material to be coated, the topography of the wafer including different feature shapes and sizes, and demanding handling requirements for materials of varying thickness. 

In addition to these issues, there is the difficulty of patterning and depositing optical coatings with thicknesses > 10um while maintaining excellent pattern definition simultaneously with very low defects in the coating.  To meet these demands, Materion has invested in the latest state-of-the art processes for photolithography and developed essential coating technologies. Another complex factor to consider takes place during the bonding process. It is important to note that Materion's optical coatings are stress-controlled and can survive temperatures in excess of 375C, such that the wafer does not crack during the bonding process. 

Materion has addressed these challenges but didn’t stop there.  In addition to the patterning and deposition of optical coatings for various applications, there was a growing requirement for high volume deposition of metal coatings to facilitate the bonding of cap and detector wafers.  To meet that need, Materion recently invested in a leading-edge high volume metallization chamber which is able to handle 200 mm diameter wafers.  It offers varying metal schemes from standard metal stacks to eutectic coatings.  

As the industry evolves, Materion will continue to push the envelope in Wafer Level Packaging technology.  Please contact Bill Christopoulos, Director of Commercial Markets at for additional information or questions.