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Optical Innovations News

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  1. Web Page ArrayTec Technology Expands Options

    Materion introduces its family of ArrayTec™ filter arrays in a range of designs.

  2. Web Page Internet of Things

    Materion Precision Optics supports IOT with state-of-the-art sensors and wafer level optical coatings.

  3. Web Page Low Angle Shift Coatings

    Materion new technology delivers high performance optical interference filters.

  4. Web Page Low Temperature Sputtered Coatings for Plastics

    Materion’s success at coating multiple types of plastics.

  5. Web Page Materion Products on Mars

    Our components provide cutting edge optics for NASA space missions.

  6. Web Page Characterizing the Performance of Optical Interference Filters

    Materion’s innovative work with measurement of linear variable filters.

  7. Web Page Multispectral Filters Improve Camera Imaging

    Materion offers a range of off-the-shelf multispectral filters for innovative imaging systems.

  8. Web Page Narrow Bandpass Filters

    For an instrument upgrade or a new astronomical imager, Materion offers a broad wavelength range to meet your requirements.

  9. Web Page New Polarized Dichroic Filter for Image Projection

    Materion has developed a new filter that improves brightness performance.

  10. Web Page Optical Coatings on ASIC Wafers

    Materion is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of precision optical filters and offers high value solutions for your most demanding applications.

  11. Web Page Optical Filters for Gesture Control and 3D Imaging Applications

    Materion is at the forefront of evolving gesture control technology. Check out our innovative optical filter products.

  12. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 3 Issue 1 Feb 2015

    This issue of the newsletter covers the introduction of ArrayTec, Materion's new line of filter arrays, plus 3D sensing technology, smart cars and optics on space missions.

  13. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 3 Issue 2 May 2015

    This issue of Materion Precision Optics newsletter includes a technical paper on low angle shift coatings plus articles on Hubble's Anniversary and more on the Internet of Things.

  14. Web Page Close Encounter with Pluto

    Materion provided the filters for the New Horizons spacecraft camera allowing exciting new images of Pluto.

  15. PDF icon Optical Innovations News Vol 3 Issue 3 Sept 2015

    This issue of Materion Precision Optics newsletter includes a technical paper on evolving coating processes and articles on multispectral filters, optical wafer coatings and the NASA mission to Pluto.

  16. Web Page Satellite to Orbit Mars with Materion Filters Aboard

    Materion's involvement with space instrumentation continues with MAVEN mission.

  17. Web Page Materion optical sensors behind the wheel of advances in smart car technology

    Materion optical sensors behind the wheel of advances in smart car technology

  18. Web Page Space Missions Carry Materion Optics

    Update on Materion-produced optical filter arrays aboard a variety of space vehicles.

  19. Webpage ESA Satellite Locates Over a Billion Stars

    Materion filters contribute to Gaia success.

  20. Webpage Next Generation Phosphor Wheel

    Materion delivers superior performance for projection systems with new Gen 1.5 Phosphor Wheel

  21. Webpage Wafer Level Packaging

    Materion's enhanced metal deposition services meet needs of commercial marketplace.

  22. Web Page Critical Attributes Narrow Band Interference Filters

    Materion is one of the world’s largest producers of optical filters and can guide you in the best material selection to improve performance.

  23. Web Page Evolution of the 3D Sensing Market

    Materion manufactures precision optical filters in high volume.

  24. Webpage Enabling Smart Headlights

    Materion develops new phosphor component for laser-based automotive adaptive headlights.

  25. PDF Document Evolution of Coating Processes-Technical Paper

    Incorporating optical coatings at the wafer-level stage was inspired by semiconductor manufacturing practices. Materion is similarly patterning its processes.

  26. Webpage Materion and Earth Imaging

    With the commercialization of LEO, private companies are now providing high resolution imaging. Materion's expertise in multispectral filters and arrays is supporting these imaging projects.

  27. Webpage Materion Providing Coatings for Worlds Largest Astronomical Filters

    Filters to Enable Images for LSST Digital Camera

  28. Webpage Materions Role in Space Exploration

    Materion optical filters enable awesome photos from out of this world!

  29. Webpage Meet Materion Matt Mazzuchi

    New Vice President of Global Sales for Materion Precision Optics with operations in Westford, MA and in Shanghai, China.

  30. PDF Document Optical innovations News Vol 4 Issue 2

    Materion Precision Optics technical newsletter with a variety of information on thin film optical coatings, filters, wafer level packaging and projection display components.

  31. PDF Document Optical Innovations News Vol 4 Issue 3

    Information on astronomical filter coatings, optical interference filters, multispectral arrays and other technical articles Materion Precision Optics.

  32. Webpage Optical Interference Filters

    Co-deposition in filter production can boost capability. At Materion, this technology is applied to the fabrication of precision rejection notches.