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Alloys 390 and 390E Data Sheets and Brochures


  1. PDF icon Data Sheet - Alloy 390 Strip

    Materion's mill hardened Alloy 390 strip provides a unique combination of high strength and high electrical conductivity, coupled with good resistance to stress relaxation. This combination alloys for high reliability, small form factor contacts. Typical applications include power contacts and burn-in and test socket contacts.

  2. PDF icon Alloy 390 Brochure

    Alloy 390 combines the best attributes of two commercial copper beryllium alloy families – the high strength of C17200 and the high conductivity of C17410/C17510. Alloy 390 is used in applications where durability is important, including burn-in and test sockets, battery contacts, SIM card contacts and relays to extend product life.

  3. PDF icon Data Sheet - Alloy 390E Strip

    Alloy 390 E is a unique copper beryllium alloy that provides high strength, high electrical conductivity and excellent formability. This blend of properties allows engineers the flexibility to design small form factor signal and power interconnects that can be used in harsh environments.