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Brush 60® and BrushForm® 65 Data Sheets and Brochures


  1. PDF icon Data Sheet - Alloy Brush 60 Strip

    Materion Performance Alloys Brush 60 strip is a mill hardened copper beryllium strip alloy used in the automotive, appliance and datacom/telecom markets for high reliability connectors and modular jack contacts.

  2. PDF icon Brochure - Brush 60

    Brush 60® by Materion Brush Performance Alloys is a high conductivity, copper beryllium pre-hardened alloy that uses lean metallurgy and advanced processing techniques to satisfy performance requirements of computer, datacom and telecommunication applications. Brush 60® will also retain a greater amount of force over the life of your connectors.

  3. PDF icon Data Sheet - BrushForm® 65 Strip

    Materion Brush Performance Alloys’ BrushForm 65 is designed for both superior performance and high reliability in appliance, automotive and computer power applications. Alloy BF65’s combination of properties limits power loss at the contact interface, controls temperature rise from resistive heating, provides stable contact force at temperatures to 200º C, extends connector current rating, and allows for miniaturization of power connectors.