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High Performance Alloys Resource Archive 

Resources include information regarding copper beryllium and ToughMet® copper-nickel-tin alloy.

  1. PDF icon Properties of C17510 Copper Beryllium for High Conductivity Applications

    This paper reviews the properties of C17510 (Alloy 3) copper beryllium. Specific data are given which compare the thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties of this alloy at room temperature and after elevated temperature exposure.

  2. PDF icon Housings for Undersea Photonic Systems - Technical Conference Reprint

    Housings for undersea photonic systems, including repeatered and unrepeatered undersea cables, optical amplifiers and their power sources, must be able to withstand rigorous conditions in service and deployment, remaining leak-proof at the bottom of the ocean for decades. Innovative contributions, from manufacturing technology to quality measures, as well as future trends, were all discussed during the 4th International Convention of Undersea Communication in Kyota, Japan.

  3. PDF icon Reprint - A Copper-Nickel-Silicon Chromium Alloy for Mold Tooling

    High-strength, high conductivity alloys serve a variety of industrial purposes. One innovative new alloy, copper-nickel-silicon chromium (CNS-V), offers a variety of advantages to the plastics molding industry. Learn about its physical and mechanical properties, including its high thermal conductivity, to better understand CNS-V applications, benefits and limitations when compared with other common mold materials.

  4. PDF icon Near Net Shaping Beryllium for Space Related and Tactical Optical Mirrors

    Historically, beryllium has been the material of choice for space-related and tactical optical systems that require lightweight components with exceptional stability. To improve the cost-effectiveness of beryllium used in components such as space-based mirrors, Materion has pioneered the development of near-net-shape processing methods.