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BERYLLIUM Engineering Design ARCHIVE


Read more about beryllium metals and their engineering properties for advanced applications

  1. PDF icon Advances in Near Net Shaped Optical Grade Beryllium Technologies - Materion Beryllium and Composites

    To address the perceived higher cost and perceived long lead times of beryllium as an optical substrate material, Materion has developed a number of near net shape manufacturing technologies utilizing a new isotropic grade of beryllium, O-30 spherical powder.

  2. PDF icon Beryllium Fracture Toughness

    The increased use of beryllium has created interest in determining its fracture behavior and fracture toughness. Studies show that beryllium’s fracture toughness is similar to certain steels and titanium alloys.

  3. PDF icon Beryllium Is Attractive Material for Robust Advanced Broadband Baffles per Manufacturing Operations Development and Integration Laboratory (MODIL)

    The Optics Manufacturing Operations Development and Integration Laboratory (MODIL) has demonstrated that lightweight, robust, diffuse-absorptive baffles can be fabricated from beryllium-based materials.

  4. PDF Document Aluminum Beryllium Alloys for Aerospace Applications

    Design engineers are developing aluminum beryllium alloys to meet the demanding requirements of advanced aerospace systems. AlBeMet® alloys can be manufactured by both powder and ingot metallurgy methods, and offer increased strength with decreased density.

  5. PDF icon Effect of Annealing and Etching on Machining Damage in Structural Beryllium

    Proper annealing and etching methods are effective at relieving machining damage in beryllium and restoring its strength.

  6. PDF icon Fracture Toughness of CIP-HIP Beryllium at Elevated Temperatures

    Studies show that the fracture toughness of CIP-HIP Beryllium increases at temperatures above 400°F.

  7. PDF icon Fracture Toughness of Hot-Pressed Beryllium

    Beryllium’s very high ratio of elastic modulus-to-density makes it a prime candidate for structural materials in space vehicles. However, the design of critical beryllium components should be supported by a well-developed fracture control plan.

  8. PDF icon Beryllium Offers Highest Design Requirements of Precision Optics - Materion Beryllium and Composites

    As an alternative to glass and other mirror substrates, beryllium has met the highest design requirements of precision optics. The optical applications of beryllium include weather satellites, fire control systems, and astronomy telescopes.

  9. PDF icon Beryllium's Superior Physical and Thermal Capabilities Score a Hit with Star Wars Reflector - Materion Beryllium and Composites

    Impressed by beryllium's superior physical and thermal capabilities, aerospace design engineers chose Materion’s beryllium mirrors for use on satellites based on Strategic Defense Initiative technology.

  10. PDF icon Fracture Toughness of Vacuum Hot Pressed Beryllium Powder

    Beryllium is used in many aerospace systems due to its attractive combination of low density, high modulus, and good strength. To allow for stable and detectable crack growth, fracture mechanics has become an important design parameter for critical components.

  11. PDF icon Property Evaluation of Spherical Beryllium Powder Billets

    Spherical beryllium powder billets produced by inert gas atomization show superior mechanical properties when compared to conventional comminuted beryllium powder.

  12. PDF icon MODIL Study Shows Cost Benefits of Using Beryllium as a Precision Optics Material

    MODIL studies show that cost benefits will likely result from investment in the development of beryllium as a precision optics material. The expected benefits would be a reduction of mirror costs, shortened lead times, and consistent products that meet or exceed system requirements.

  13. PDF icon Dimensional Stability- An Overview

    To design and fabricate dimensionally stable components, it’s important to understand the causes of instability and the correct methods of fabricating components from various materials.

  14. PDF icon Beryllium's High Fatigue Strength Ensures Precise Targeting and Sighting for Rotor Mast Sight

    The U.S. Army’s Scout helicopter’s sensor systems rely on beryllium to ensure precise targeting and sighting. Designers chose beryllium as a structural component because of its high fatigue strength, thermal properties, and its resistance to vibrations.

  15. PDF icon Net Shaped Processed Beryllium makes for Affordable Beryllium Mirrors - Materion Beryllium and Composites

    Materion’s advances in producing beryllium mirror blanks and its new techniques for machining, polishing, and applying reflective materials have significantly improved beryllium’s cost competitiveness. Near net shape processing methods, in particular, have dramatically changed the cost structure of beryllium mirror components.

  16. PDF icon Dimensionally Stable Beryllium Mirrors Fabrication Processes

    New fabrication processes for dimensionally stable beryllium mirrors. The results show beryllium to be a stable and predictable mirror material.

  17. PDF icon Dimensionally Stable Beryllium Mirrors Fabrication Processes

    Countering the misperception that beryllium mirrors are unstable, mirrors fabricated from a HIP’ed billet show beryllium to be a stable and predictable mirror material.

  18. PDF icon Residual Stresses in Single-Point Machined Beryllium

    Single-point turned beryllium surfaces can be susceptible to residual stresses that can form cracks. However, studies show that most of the residual stress induced by SPT is removed by the process of polishing to a low-scatter surface.