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Read some of the past articles about Materion Performance Alloys and Composites materials.

  1. PDF icon Hart E&P Artificial Lift Techbook on ToughMet for Oil and Gas

    ToughMet alloy couplings are a field proven solution that contributes to improved system efficiencies and extended run times in rod lift systems. Read more from the Hart E&P Artificial Lift Techbook on ToughMet for Oil and Gas.

  2. PDF icon AM&P "Advances in Spinodal Alloys"

    Coper-nickel-tin spinodal alloys are robust materials for bearings in highly loaded large aircraft, industrial equipment, and off-road equipment. Spinodal alloys are compositionally balance systems that exhibit spontaneous nanoscale solute clustering without a crystal structure change. Read more from this issue of Advanced Materials & Processes magazine.

  3. PDF icon SAE Journal March 2017 - Lower Cost Auto Piston from 2124-SiC MMC

    Engineered materials have made a breakthrough in a quest for materials with a combination of custom-made properties to suit particular applications. One of such materials is 2124/Sic/25p metal matrix composites or a grade of SupremEX® composites that offer a combination of fatigue strength at elevated temperatures, lower thermal expression, and greater wear resistance in comparison with conventionally used piston materials. Read about how modeling and analysis have shown for lowering the cost of automotive pistons.

  4. PDF icon Bearing Up Under 300 Tons

    Bearings and bushings made from ToughMet copper nickel tin from Materion show improved resistance to wear and galling, longer maintenance cycles, and overall improved lifetime than comparable bushings made from steel or bronze alloys.

  5. PDF icon Rugged Bearings Hold the Weight of Heavy Equipment

    Heavy equipment, like that used for surface mining, requires reliable bearings and bushings that can withstand harsh environments and wear and tear. ToughMet bearings and bushings from Materion, a copper-nickel-tin spinodal alloy, lasted two to three times longer than the standard manganese bronze bushing when used by Bucyrus International.

  6. PDF icon ToughMet Load Roller Bushings Extend Maintenance Cycles on Large Electric Shovel

    In the mining industry, extending maintenance intervals lowers maintenance costs and increases productivity. L&H Industrial tested Materion's ToughMet alloy in a shovel load roller application, finding that the copper-nickel-tin bushings would still be functional when the track required replacement at 30,000 hours. ToughMet components showed very little wear, even when running without lubrication.

  7. PDF icon Maximize Results with Copper Alloy Molds

    These most common mistakes can lead to failure in the application of copper alloys in mold tooling. Learn about the methods and best practices when designing and creating molds for plastic tooling from this article in MoldMaking Technology.