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  1. PDF icon Aircraft Electronic Modules AlBeMet A Key Ingredient in the F-22 Central Computer

    AlBeMet®’s low weight, high strength and unmatched thermal properties make it a crucial production material for aircraft electronics, especially for performance-demanding tactical aircraft such as the F-22 Fighter.

  2. PDF icon System Performance of a Lightweight Beryllium Composite Heat Sink for Advanced Electronic Packaging

    Read this E-material Tech Brief about the performance of a lightweight beryllium composite heat sink for advanced electronic packaging in commercial and military electronics.

  3. PDF icon Beryllium Metal Matrix Composites for Electronic Packaging Systems

    Customers seeking electronic packaging materials with tailorable thermal, physical, and mechanical properties will find that Materion’s high-performance beryllium metal matrix composites are ideally suited for a variety of applications, particularly those requiring high thermal conductivity and low weight.

  4. PDF icon Beryllium Metal Matrix Composites for Avionics Materials

    Sophisticated aircraft and satellite avionics systems require high-performance materials. Materion's family of metal matrix materials, AlBeMet®; and E-Materials, offer designers a superior combination of mechanical, physical, and thermal properties.

  5. PDF icon Beryllium Metal Solves Thermal Management Challenges for High Performance Electronic Packaging Applications

    Beryllium’s properties provide electronic design engineers with solutions to thermal management challenges in a multitude of electronics applications. As the metal of choice for high-density electronic packaging applications, beryllium supplies a moderating coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, low density and high stiffness.

  6. PDF icon Lightweight Beryllium Composite Heat Sink offer Thermal System Performance on Advanced Electronic Packaging

    Advances in commercial and military electronics have created a need for electronic packaging materials that have thermal cycle reliability over a broad temperature range. Beryllium-based metal matrix composites are ideally suited for even the most demanding packaging needs.