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Fabrication Sources


  1. PDF Document Beryllium AlBeMet® & E-Material Coatings Sources

    Materion's Beryllium, AlBeMet® & E-Material Coatings can be obtained from several sources throughout the United States.

  2. PDF Document Beryllium and AlBeMet® Optic Sources

    Materion’s Beryllium and AlBeMet® optic sources are located throughout the USA and Europe.

  3. PDF Document Beryllium Fabrication Sources

    Materion Brush Beryllium & Composites has beryllium fabrication sources in various cities in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

  4. PDF Document E-Material Fabrication Sources

    Materion Brush Beryllium & Composites' E-Material fabricators are located in Phillipsburg, NJ; Tucson, AZ; and Rochester Hills, MI.