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Optical Applications


  1. PDF icon Beryllium is a Favorite Material for Low Scatter Cryogenic Optics because of it's High Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio and Excellent Thermal Properties at Low Temperatures

    Beryllium is a favorite material of space sensor designers because of its high stiffness-to-weight ratio and excellent thermal properties at low temperatures. Materion is utilizing HIP technology to further improve beryllium's optical properties.

  2. PDF icon Beryllium Optical Materials Brochure

    Beryllium’s combination of low density, high stiffness-to-density ratio, and dimensional stability provide unmatched performance when used as mirror material in satellites, telescopes, and military targeting and firing systems.

  3. PDF icon Dimensionally Stable Beryllium Mirrors Fabricaton Processes

    Countering the misperception that beryllium mirrors are unstable, mirrors fabricated from a HIP’ed billet show beryllium to be a stable and predictable mirror material.

  4. PDF icon Focus On Optics AlBeMet 162H For Optical Substrates And Electro-Optical Systems

    Designers of optical substrates and electro-optical systems find that aluminum-beryllium alloy gives them improved performance over aluminum and other materials. In comparison to aluminum, the advantages of Materion's AlBeMet® include three times the stiffness, 22 percent less density, and 28 percent higher thermal conductivity.