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Structural Applications


  1. PDF icon Beryllium Use on the Space Shuttle Orbiter

    Beryllium’s light weight and high strength were critical factors in its selection for various components on the Space Shuttle orbiter. In particular, Materion’s S-65 beryllium windshield applications were instrumental in the success of the earth orbital flights of Columbia and Challenger.

  2. PDF icon MAS-003 Successful Applications Of Beryllium Sheet Materials To Satellite Structures

    Thrust tubes, optical mirrors, and radiators are just a few of the successful applications of beryllium sheet on satellite structures. Compared to aluminum and other materials, beryllium offers attractive cost effectiveness because of its significant weight savings and increased strength.

  3. PDF icon MAS-007 A Beryllium Support Structure For Tactical Precision Sensors

    Beryllium’s use in sensor support systems on Apache Scout helicopters has helped to improve helicopter survivability in combat conditions. With its unique combination of light weight and stiffness, beryllium enables designers to fabricate optical systems that offer precise and stable sighting of targets at long range.

  4. PDF icon Beryllium's High Fatigue Strength Ensures Precise Targeting and Sighting for Rotor Mast Sight

    The U.S. Army’s Scout helicopter’s sensor systems rely on beryllium to ensure precise targeting and sighting. Designers chose beryllium as a structural component because of its high fatigue strength, thermal properties, and its resistance to vibrations.

  5. PDF icon Aluminum-Beryllium Composites for Structural Aerospace Components

    Raw material costs for aluminum-beryllium composites can be higher than other alloys, but designers of structural aerospace components consider Materion’s AlBeMet® a cost-effective material candidate because of its low density and high strength. Using lightweight AlBeMet® components enable engineers to increase the amount of profit-making payload in launch vehicles.