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Vacuum - UHV Assemblies


Learn about the the variety of ultra high vacuum (UHV) components incorporating beryllium windows, including custom UHV research chambers and actively cooled window assemblies, we develop for research and commercial operations. 


  1. PDF Document Catalog Flange Mounted Window Assemblies

    Materion has been supplying the UHV community with flange-mounted beryllium window assemblies for more than 45 years. We offer a catalog of standard flange sizes, apertures and foil thicknesses and grades.

  2. PDF Document UHV Beryllium Beam Pipes

    Materion, the leading supplier to linear accelerator and collider research centers since 1966, specializes in the design, fabrication, and testing of high-performance beryllium beam pipe assemblies for applications demanding extreme vacuum integrity and repeated high temperature bakeouts.

  3. PDF Document UHV Research Chambers

    Research laboratories around the world have come to rely extensively on Materion’s ability to braze or weld beryllium x-ray windows to simple or complex UHV chambers. These custom-built chambers are used for demanding and unusual x-ray diffraction applications including crystal growth and analysis.