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Clad Metal Product Data and Related Literature

Find product data and related literature for Clad and Dovetail Clad® metals.

Information includes data sheets and tech updates for aluminum inlays and eStainless® clad structural and thermal materials. If you don't see the information you need, please contact us for further assistance.

  1. PDF icon eStainless® Clad Data Sheet

    eStainless Clad - Structural heat spreader materials for lighter, cooler and thinner electronics.

  2. PDF Document eStainless Steel Product Brief

    eStainless® steels from Materion are a stainless steel alternative for thermal management in consumer electronics. They combine the structural performance of steel with the conductivity of copper or aluminum to enable effective heat spreading without adding volume to a device.

  3. PDF Document Dovetail Clad Metal Data Sheet

    Dovetail Clad Metal - A side-by-side clad strip of copper and aluminum that offers low electrical impedance, increased strength, and high life testing reliability for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries.

  4. PDF Document Thick Inlay & Dovetail Clad Data Sheet

    Thick Inlay Clad - For partial penetration laser welding, we can provide a thick inlay solution that selectively clads a stripe of copper or aluminum, up to 50% of the metal substrate thickness.

  5. PDF icon High Strength Aluminum for Wire Bondable Lead Frames Data Sheet

    High Strength Aluminum – An alternative to copper that enables all-aluminum wiring systems in automotive applications.

  6. PDF icon Aluminum Inlay Advantages for Wire Bonding Applications

    Al Wirebond Leadframes - These allow for high process yields and robust life testing for Safety Control Systems in automobiles.

  7. PDF icon iON Connectors Data Sheet

    iON Connectors - An alternative to electroplated contacts surfaces, these offer Performance and stability in harsh environments.

  8. PDF icon R270 Resistor Alloy Data Sheet

    R270 Resistor Alloy - A copper-manganese-nickel alloy with low resistivity and very low Thermal Coefficient of Resistance (TCR).

  9. Web Page Profiled Strip Metal Data Sheets

    Profiled strip metals can be customized for ultra-small surgical instruments to hand held consumer electronics.