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Clad Metal Product Data and Related Literature

Find product data and related literature for Clad and Dovetail Clad® metals.

Information includes data sheets and tech updates for aluminum inlays and eStainless® clad structural and thermal materials. If you don't see the information you need, please contact us for further assistance.

  1. PDF icon eStainless® Clad Data Sheet

    eStainless Clad - Structural heat spreader materials for lighter, cooler and thinner electronics.

  2. PDF Document Dovetail Clad Metal Data Sheet

    Dovetail Clad Metal - A side-by-side clad strip of copper and aluminum that offers low electrical impedance, increased strength, and high life testing reliability for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries.

  3. PDF Document Thick Inlay & Dovetail Clad Data Sheet

    Thick Inlay Clad - For partial penetration laser welding, we can provide a thick inlay solution that selectively clads a stripe of copper or aluminum, up to 50% of the metal substrate thickness.

  4. PDF icon High Strength Aluminum for Wire Bondable Lead Frames Data Sheet

    High Strength Aluminum – An alternative to copper that enables all-aluminum wiring systems in automotive applications.

  5. PDF icon Aluminum Inlay Advantages for Wire Bonding Applications

    Al Wirebond Leadframes - These allow for high process yields and robust life testing for Safety Control Systems in automobiles.

  6. PDF icon iON Connectors Data Sheet

    iON Connectors - An alternative to electroplated contacts surfaces, these offer Performance and stability in harsh environments.

  7. PDF icon R270 Resistor Alloy Data Sheet

    R270 Resistor Alloy - A copper-manganese-nickel alloy with low resistivity and very low Thermal Coefficient of Resistance (TCR).

  8. Web Page Profiled Stainless Steel Data Sheets

    Profiled stainless steel can be customized for ultra-small surgical instruments to hand held consumer electronics.

  9. PDF icon Tech Update - New Bi-Metal Seam Welded Tubing

    Historically, specialty welded tubing has not benefited from clad metal systems. At Materion Technical Materials, we have created a composite strip design that allows for clad tubing, and in turn enables the performance advantages of clad metal technology.