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Composite and Clad Metal Product Data and Related Literature

Find product data and related literature for Composite, Clad and Dovetail Clad metals. Information includes data sheets and tech updates for Aluminum Inlays and eStainless structural and thermal materials. If you don't see the information you need, pleaseĀ Contact Us for further assistance.

  1. PDF icon High Strength Aluminum for Wire Bondable Lead Frames Data Sheet

  2. PDF icon iON Connectors Data Sheet

  3. PDF icon Tech Update - New Bi-Metal Seam Welded Tubing

    Historically, specialty welded tubing has not benefited from clad metal systems. At Materion Technical Materials, we have created a composite strip design that allows for clad tubing, and in turn enables the performance advantages of clad metal technology.

  4. PDF icon R270 Resistor Alloy Data Sheet