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Beryllium Oxide Ceramic


  1. PDF icon CC-001 BeO Ceramics Thermal Management Solutions

    In high performance electronics, packaging is the limiting factor in electrical circuit efficiency. Specifically, thermal management, along with reliability and the trend toward miniaturization are key factors in successful electronic design.

  2. PDF icon CC-002 Ceramics Material Properties Chart

  3. PDF icon CC-003 BW3250

  4. PDF icon CC-007 Beryllium Oxide Ceramics Design Guide

    This general design guide is intended to outline the parameters having cost impact on beryllium oxide ceramics. As process economics pertaining to other ceramics do not necessarily apply to beryllia, a different set of design rules is necessary.

  5. PDF icon CC-008 Dry Pressed Ceramics As-Fired or Machined CDDP-10 Rev F

  6. PDF icon CC-009 Isopressed Ceramics CDI-20 Rev E

  7. PDF icon CC-010 Extruded Ceramics

  8. PDF icon CC-017 Materion Ceramics Receives ISO Certification for Arizona Manufacturing Facility

  9. PDF icon Design Guide- Beryllium Oxide Ceramic

    The Materion Ceramics general design guideline outlines features that may impact the cost of beryllium oxide ceramics. Since process economics do not apply, a different set of design rules is applied to beryllia,