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Inorganic Chemicals Product Data and Related Literature

Materion Advanced Materials has more than 50 years of comprehensive chemical expertise with the capacity to produce many different materials and forms. See the categories below for capabilities, technical information, and related literature for our vast Inorganic Chemicals supply. The resources include data sheets and catalog information for various compounds including Fluorides, Oxides, Sulfides, Nitride, Borides, Carbide materials and more. 

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  1. PDF icon Inorganic Chemicals Manufacturing Capabilities

    Materion maintains its excellence with a broad range of chemical synthesis, processing, consolidation, melting, technical discussions, consulting, and analytical capabilities to employ for your challenging applications . In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we specialize in working with toxic and hard to handle chemicals.

  2. PDF icon Core Inorganic Chemicals

    Whether conducting research or large-scale production, our factory works in tandem with the Technology & Innovation Team to be your single reliable source for quality inorganic chemical materials. Materion provides the critical link between lab scale chemicals and large-scale industrial applications.

  3. PDF icon Energy Storage, Conversion and Generation

    Materion leverages its capabilities to provide a broad variety of inorganic materials for various Energy markets. In roles ranging from the Consumable to the Electrolyte, Anode protector or Battery separator, high purity, low moisture or dry compounds are used in leading-edge and developing technologies.

  4. PDF icon Thermal Protection & Aerospace Materials

    With origins in the U.S. Space Program, Materion has continued to leverage its ability to create reproducible powder compounds, blends, and mixtures at scale for research and production in thermal protection systems, and specialty coatings for various aerospace applications . We have also expanded our facilities overseas to supply the aerospace industry globally.