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  1. PDF icon Fluorides Cut Sheet

    Materion Advanced Chemicals, formerly CERAC, Inc., offers high quality fluorides manufactured to your precise specifications.

  2. Web Page Aluminum Fluoride AlF3 for Optical Coating

  3. Web Page CIROM-IRX™_A Non-Radioactive Replacement for ThF4

    A non-radioactive replacement for thorium fluoride is now available. CIROM-IRX™ can be used for applications from low-loss laser mirrors to filter & AR coatings.

  4. Web Page Magnesium Fluoride MgF2 for Optical Coating

  5. Web Page Thorium Fluoride Overview

  6. Web Page Thorium Fluoride for Optical Coating

  7. Web Page Ytterbium Fluoride YbF3

    Ytterbium fluoride, YbF3, is a low-index film material that exhibits good transparency from the UV through far-infrared regions. The films are insoluble and show low stress, making YbF3 a useful substitute for ThF4 in many IR applications.

  8. Web Page Yttrium Fluoride YF3 for Optical Coating