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Packaging Materials


  1. PDF icon Electrical Contact Alloys

    Materion offers eight different electrical contact alloys that exhibit excellent conductivity. See the comparative chart...

  2. PDF icon Sil Seal

    Materion's patented SilSeal™materials are superior silver-based alloys available in a variety of forms. See chart for comparative information on brazing materials.

  3. PDF icon Solder Alloys

    Materion is a leader in fabricating and refining precious metal alloys. We have an extensive offering of alloys that are cast and fabricated to exacting standards for microelectronics applications. Consult the chart for more information.

  4. PDF icon WAMBRAZE Alloys

    Materion produces ultra clean WAMBRAZE™ brazing alloys in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms to meet your requirements for superior thermal and electrical conductivity. Consult the chart for more information.

  5. PDF icon WAMBRAZE Powder

    Materion WAMBRAZE™ powder comes in a wide range of solder/braze alloys and in a variety of sieve and mesh sizes. See chart for more information.