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Filter and Filter Arrays Product Data


  1. PDF icon ArrayTec

    Materion Precision Optics has created a new line of filter arrays called ArrayTec™. They are available in a range of designs to meet individual customer needs - each offering distinct advantages.

  2. PDF icon Astronomical Filters

  3. PDF icon Bandpass Filters

  4. PDF icon Commercial IR Filters

  5. PDF icon Fluorescence Filters

  6. PDF icon Gesture Control Filters

    Gesture recognition applications require sophisticated coating technology to produce optical filters with industry-leading performance and reliability.

  7. PDF icon Imaging IRB Filter

    A new generation of low defect infrared blocking (IRB) filters for CCD/CMOS optical sensors.

  8. PDF icon Linear Variable Filters

  9. PDF Document ProIR Filters

    Learn about Materion Precision Optics' new line of ProIR filters - a broad range of mid-wave through long-wave filters that are in-stock and offer superior spectral characteristics.

  10. PDF icon Multi Spectral Filters

  11. PDF icon Order Sorting Filters

  12. PDF icon Raman Filters

  13. PDF icon Rugate Notch Filters

  14. PDF icon Steep Edge Filters

  15. PDF icon UV Optical Filters

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