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Project Display Components Product Data


  1. PDF icon Cold Mirror

    For effective heat management for a variety of projection display applications.

  2. PDF icon ColorWheel™

    Designed for enhanced resolution and high brightness with very low noise level.

  3. PDF icon Dichrolight™

    The latest trends to color fixtures for use in entertainment lighting and product presentation

  4. PDF icon LED ColorDichroics™

    Our high quality, dense and pinhole-free Indium-Tin-Oxide optical transparent coating.

  5. PDF icon LightGate™

    Our Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Prism is characterized by state of the art AR coatings.

  6. PDF icon LightTunnel

    Our hollow integrator creates enhancement of light uniformity by outstanding reflecti

  7. PDF icon LumiWheel™

    Reliable, high performance design offers superb flexibility for color splitting.

  8. PDF icon SilentWheel™

    Now with lower sound levels, longer projection life and innovative sleeve bearing motor.

  9. PDF icon WhisperWheel™

    Our patented design combines the proven technology of our ColorWheel™ with the latest in motor innova