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Sputtering Targets Product Data


  1. PDF Document Aluminum Scandium Sputter Targets

    Materion has developed a melt-based process for producing Aluminum-Scandium sputter targets with high chemical uniformity, low oxygen contents, and 3N purity.

  2. PDF icon CIGS

    Materion manufactures specialty CIGS materials to support advancements in the photovoltaic solar market.

  3. PDF icon EMI Shielding Materials

    Materion works closely with OEMs & packaging houses to meet the stringent requirements for quality and uniformity of sputter target materials for EMI shielding..

  4. PDF icon Materials for Large Area Glass Coatings

    Materion Advanced Materials Group provides a wide variety of materials for large area thin film coating applications. Having the technical strength and manufacturing capability to develop, customize and produce sputtering targets across a variety of materials and alloys, Materion puts their resources to work for you to bring to market the next breakthrough in materials for large area coating.

  5. PDF icon Materials for Solar Applications

    Materion's produces precious metal & non-precous metal sputtering targets, ceramic & inorganic compound sputtering targets, evaporation materials and inorganic chemicals to enhance performance of solar devices.

  6. PDF icon MEMS Materials

    Materion offers customized products and capabilities to meet customer requirments for higher purity and exacting film characteristics for MEMS devices.

  7. PDF icon Nickel Platinum Sputtering Targets Data Sheet

    Contains technical information on grain size, purity, and sputtering rates - as well as advantages and benefits for various applications.

  8. PDF icon Rotatable Sputtering Targets - Performance Comparison of Silver Sleeved Rotary Targets with Planar Targets

    Due to cost, mechanical strength and handling silver is not available in the rotating cylindrical form. However, new methods are being tested at Materion Microelectronics and Services that will enable silver to be in the desired form.

  9. PDF icon Semiconductor Materials

    Materion offers a broad range of support materials and services to the semiconductor industry including sputtering targets, evaporation materials, microelectronics packaging and more.

  10. PDF icon Silver Targets for Large Area Glass Coating

    Materion produces superior silver targets for coating of large area glass in architectural, automobile and other applications.

  11. PDF Document PC RAM Materials

    Materion is producing new alloys for Phase-Change Random Access Memory (PC-RAM) applications. We meet the need of the global advanced memory market for innovative materials that are highly defined for composition, size, purity and consistency.

  12. PDF Document STT RAM Materials

    While it can be difficult working with brittle magnetic alloys, Materion has the expertise to produce the widest range of high purity thin film materials to meet STT-RAM requirements.

  13. PDF icon Silvertech Epoxy

    Materion's silvertech epoxy is a silver-filled, thermally and electrically conductive epoxy specifically manufactured for the sputtering target industry.

  14. PDF icon Sputtering Targets11

    New applications for LEDs and other products have increased demand for solders deposited by PVD technology. Materion has innovative solutions to your target challenges.

  15. PDF icon Thermotech TE Vacuum Paste

    Materion's Thermotech TE is a silver-filled, electrically conductive high-vacuum compound specifically manufactured for the sputtering target industry.

  16. PDF icon W-Ti Sputtering Targets

    Materion is a worldwide supplier for Tungsten-Titanium (W-Ti) material manufacturing high purity sputtering targets especially developed to produce low defect and high performance W-Ti thin films.