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Alloys Technical Briefs

Our library of technical papers covers our alloy products, including copper beryllium, ToughMet, MoldMAX and strip alloys.  We've included a range of topics including formability of strip products, the cavitation resistance of copper alloys, cleaning MoldMAX molds, getting optimum performance from heavily-loaded ToughMet bearings, alloy machining and storage recommendations and much more.

If you cannot find the information you need on one of our products or would like to request additional technical product details, please feel free to Contact Us or download the Guide to High Performance Alloys which provides a comprehensive overview of our materials.


Charpy V Notch Behavior of ToughMet 3
Testing of Molded Plastic Food Containers for Beryllium Transfer
Storage of Copper-based Strip Products
Galling: Comparing Alloy 25 and ToughMet 3 with Various Metals
Chemical Analysis at Materion
The Temperature Dependence of Tensile Properties for Alloy 25, Alloy 3 and ToughMet 3 Rod


Formability of Strip Products
Surface Coatings for High Performance Copper Alloy Strip
Anti-friction Behavior of Copper-based Bearing Alloys